Welcome to Prosperous; a digital sanctuary inviting you on a journey into the present moment. Each episode is here to lovingly meet you where you are at and walk alongside you in honoring your Highest expression in the world. I’m Sandy Vo. This podcast exists as an invitation for those who listen to tune back into their true nature therefore, the podcast and the topics discussed on the podcast will mirror the seasons of nature. Vata (Space and Air) season, Pitta (Fire and water) season and Kapha (Earth and Water) season. As you listen, may you slowly ease towards living in harmony with your own true nature. Each week, you’ll receive grounded, insightful teachings that you can integrate with ease. Unlock your version of spiritual growth in wealth, business, life and relationships. Are you ready to finally embody your most Prosperous life with more pleasure, peace and purpose? Let’s dive in.
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Mar 30, 2021

Start a Grounded & Reliable Meditation Practice

How do you give yourself a mental, emotional, spiritual break in a busy and chaotic world? Start your own meditation practice.

In this episode, you'll hear Sandy talk about:

  • how having a reliable meditation practice can help you control your own thoughts
  • what to do when you feel like your mind is racing
  • the 3 phase process to guide your awareness
  • how to sit in a meditation posture
  • the power of the breath
  • how meditation builds confidence

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Mar 24, 2021

Meditation is so much more than being spiritual or receiving "downloads". When we practice meditation diligently and consistently, we are being in service doing our mind, body and Spirit.

Tune in to today's episode to find out:

  • how meditation can improve your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual well being
  • what meditation can do for your immune system
  • how meditation can boost your brain and it's ability to tackle cognitive tasks

Click HERE to access the studies.

The Royal Glow Retreat dates have changed to May 20-23 2021

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Mar 20, 2021

If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "there's got to be more to life than going to work, paying the bills, social media" than you're right. In today's episode, we explore what exists beyond what our minds can perceive.


What exists beyond working? What exists beyond our identities? It's a deep question to explore and yet one that sets you free from conforming yourself into boxes. We talk about what the higher states of consciousness are and how you can tap into it.


Sandy talks about The Royal Glow Retreat April 21-25 2021 and how you can attend.


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Mar 10, 2021

Tune into this simple yet potent message to remind you of your power.


In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How resistance can be a sign of growth
  • What it looks like to breakthrough familiar patterns
  • The path of knowing your true Self


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Mar 4, 2021

Our inner world creates our outer reality.

So how can you use the instrument of your mind to transform your reality? Find out in today's latest Being Human series with Sandy and her fiancé Zach.


In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How changing your environment can illuminate old patterns
  • What happens when you take time to set your energy before the day starts
  • How to discover your own bio-hack
  • Why forcing yourself to do things can be fast track to failure 
  • How you can transform WHILE being in an old environment
  • How committing to the inner work together led us to where we're meant to be
  • How your imaginations are more real than you think
  • The power of the questions you ask yourself 
  • The art of detachment
  • A little peek into our future




“It's really powerful what your mind can do when you tell it different things.” -Zach Naccarato


“When you surrender- it's like when you pray to Go and ask for something. Sometimes what we ask for is a fraction of what God wants to give us.” -Zach Naccarato


"In order to realize the potential of what could be, we have to let go."


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Mar 3, 2021

We often invest our energy outward into the next thing to do or the next person to serve. How often do we invest that same level of love, care and attention back into ourselves and what happens when we do?

Do you respect yourself enough to give yourself your own attention? Tune in to find out why Sandy is going in silent meditation for 6 days.

Maya Angelou once said, "Listen to yourself and in that quietude, you will hear the voice of God."


In today's episode, you'll hear:

  • What is a silent meditation retreat?
  • Why we fear silence and being present
  • Why Sandy is going into a silent meditation retreat
  • What really happens to your mind when you experience silence
  • How silence can be a tool to understand the nature of the mind
  • How silence can reset the mind/body system
  • Why silence = strength

Stay tuned for an updated episode to hear about my experience.

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Feb 24, 2021

This episode is going to give you an insight on why you may be feeling disoriented, disillusioned and disconnected from yourself lately.


Sandy will share:

  • the energetic shift humanity is currently experiencing
  • what it looks like to embark on the spiritual ascension journey in a grounded way
  • mental, physical, emotional experiences you may be having and what to do about it
  • identify key patterns that no longer align with your Highest Self
  • honoring your Divine truth and unique gifts
  • the mourning that happens when you old self dies
  • reconnecting to our roots before we forgot who we are


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Feb 17, 2021

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Are you a secretive perfectionist whose afraid to admit that you're addicted to being busy? Does it feel like these patterns of control are quickly taking over the quality of your life?


Deborah Workman was addicted to being busy and on the brink of losing her husband and relationship with her kids. When she realized that her nervous system was tired out and the people who mattered the most to her were suffering, she realized it was time to make a change. Deborah is a Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach with a mission to illuminate one life at a time.


In today's episode, Deborah talks about:

  • how patterns of control lead her to the tipping point of her marriage
  • what is NLP and how it can be used to re-program the mind so you can finally let go
  • 3 clarifying questions to ask yourself to shift patterns of perfectionism
  • how self-awareness creates a ripple effect in your family's life
  • Deborah's biggest discovery from being a student in Prosperous: School of Self-realization


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Feb 10, 2021

Does it ever feel like no matter how many milestones you've accomplished, or how many goals you've crossed off your list, how many self-help courses you bought that it never feels enough?

In today's episode, Sandy explores the concept of what she calls the Doing self vs the Being Self.

You'll hear:

-how patterns of 'doing' shows up in relationships

-why chasing achievements will never make us feel worthy

-a body-centered approach to feeling worthiness

-a body awareness meditation

-the transformations that unfold when you lead from a space of being

-offering Prosperous: School of Self-realization if you're ready to take the next step

-an audio clip of a past graduate experience


Enroll, get qualified and get started:

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Feb 3, 2021

One of the things we're constantly exploring on this podcast is human optimization. How can we become more efficient with our energy? How can we convert this into our businesses and relationships?

What would it look like if you no longer felt like you needed to explain who you are to people and how you can help them? What if they can get a clear understanding of exactly what you do through your cohesive branding?

Today's guest, Aja Duran will tell you exactly how. Aja is the creative director, conscious designer and Founder of Adoro Secco Design. She started a company to empower female-led business owners to feel confident about their businesses and stand out as key players in their industry through intentional and luxurious branding design.

As a leader who graduated Prosperous: School of Self-realization,

she embodies the principles of creativity, prosperity and joy in all that she does.

In this episode, you'll hear the conversation about:

  • What is conscious branding?
  • How design is more than aesthetics
  • How to create a branding experience that makes you stand out as a leader
  • How branding will convert new soul mate clients
  • Why having only an Instagram or social media account for your business is no longer reliable
  • Aja's morning ritual that led to her filling up her calendar
  • Aja's experience being in PSS
  • Why investing in branding and design will catapult you to success 
  • When to know the right time to invest 
  • and so much more.

Work with Aja:

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Sandy's Sanctuary

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Jan 31, 2021

When you're faced with making big life changes, there are two choices you can make: fully commit to the direction you're being called to or give up the moment you're being challenged. Whether you're making changes in your career, relationships or environment- this episode will add valuable gems to your elevate your journey.

In today's latest Being Human episode,

Zach and Sandy share life behind the screens as they pack up their apartment in Upstate New York and move to Southwest Florida.

They talk about:

-Why they left New York for Florida

-Testing positive for "the vid" and challenges faced along the way

-How to navigate the lower self vs the higher Self

-What it takes to consciously evolve as a couple

-How to commit to change even when you have different preferences

-Having what Zach calls "Faith Frequency"

-How you can still thrive during a lockdown period

-Major initiations that happen along the spiritual journey

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Jan 27, 2021

If you want to be happy then why can’t you just be happy now?

How many of you have felt disappointed when you couldn't come with the answer? If this is you, it's not your fault. Historically, humans have been hard wired with the what I call:

 ‘when and then’ syndrome.

In today's episode, Sandy covers: 

-why we're hard wired to chase what's outside of us for happiness

-why your circumstances will not change your inner reality

-the one perspective shift to break the cycle of 'when and then' and feel free now 

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Jan 23, 2021

What is the Divine Feminine energy and how come it was never taught to us at a young age? How can our relationship with work, our family, our friends and our significant other change by embodying more of the Divine Feminine? How can this information serve you as a leader today?

In today's episode, Sandy uncovers:

-what the Divine Feminine energy is

-9 ways to tune into your Divine Feminine energy

-how to live an orgasmic life

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Jan 13, 2021

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2021 is the year of mind, body, integration and holistic health.


In today's episode, we cover :

  • the #1 focus of 2021
  • why you may not trust yourself or feel connected to your own body
  • how technology plays a big role in how we experience our bodies
  • what it feels like to anchor into self-trust
  • how the relationship with your body is your most powerful ally in 2021
  • I guide you through a brief meditation to get in touch with your body


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3 days to Create, Serve and Lead from your Divine Feminine Energy

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Jan 6, 2021

Closing the chapter to 2020 and beginning 2021 is a transition period beyond just one day. This period can feel exciting yet bear pressure all at the same time.  

Whether you're experiencing pressure to grow, pressure to change, pressure to achieve goals and make things happen, this episode is going to shed light on how you can unsubscribe from what I call the pressure paradigm so you can create and serve from a space of ease.


In this episode we talk about:

  • how to navigate through outdated operating systems 
  • why fast success is a recipe for stress and burnout
  • how to define success on your own terms 
  • the underlying reason we feel pressure
  • how to make growth decisions from a grounded space
  • redefining goals with peace, prosperity and pleasure
  • how to return to the wisdom of your own Inner Guidance

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Quotes from the show:

"Most pressure that we have is self-inflicted. It is up to you to determine what your boundaries and standards are and to communicate that."

"If I were to remove my decisions based on what other people think, how would I be making decisions right now? Ask that question and notice the deeper connection with yourself. "

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Dec 30, 2020

Would you build a house on a cracked foundation?


In this episode, we talk about how you can lay down the groundwork and energetic foundation for calling in your desires for 2021.


In this episode we talk about:

-getting intentional with your energy

-transitioning your energy for the new year

-spiritual materialism

-setting boundaries to take time for yourself

-how to tap into your body wisdom to make decisions + feel it out

-tuning into your internal guidance system

-a New Year Love Note from Sandy

-diving deeper into a Divine Feminine space

-3 potent questions to anchor-in and reflect on your 2020

-practices to transform your thoughts into bright and exciting opportunities



Vibrational Therapy Music

2021 Vision Manifesto Journal


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Quotes from the show:

"Often times we want the men in our lives to do these things for us like dates and romantic picnics, I want you to realize how good you feel when you do this for yourself and connect to the highest version of who you are"


"Everything that was in our lives served us for a purpose, for a reason. It is what helped us to gain the wisdom that we have now, to build the character that we have now. Without these challenges then you wouldn't be half the person of who it is that you are. We have to give a lot of gratitude."


"It is when we try to control, that we experience the most pain and suffering."




Dec 23, 2020

You can honor ALL it is that you are but the problem is, most of us are not doing that. Instead, we force ourselves to be positive, suppress our thoughts and feelings even when our emotions store so much intelligence that is trying to guide us along the way.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Pros and Cons of being an optimist
  • going into silent mode to be present and grounded
  • how I accidentally trained myself to suppress my emotions
  • releasing emotions for more space to create new ideas
  • creating a new vehicle to lead you to enlightenment
  • turning yourself into a spiritual practice
  • honoring the duality of life
  • how to meet a deeper and higher version of who you are
  • my next evolution of how I will serve you and how I'm cultivating a new online experience
  • a GIVEAWAY that will enhance your mood, energy and immune system.

"When it comes to being positive, it's a concept that I myself have learned to shatter. What that means is that I am here to honor the vastness of the human experience. We can share when we are feeling sad, confused, happy, excited. When we honor our emotions and allow ourselves to see all of our humanness it connects us deeper to our spirit. Not only do we come with this thinking mind that creates and transforms but we also have these emotions."


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Dec 16, 2020

In today's Being Human episode, my fiancé Zach and I talk about what it looks like for us to feel in a rut, why we migrate in the winter time and how we break through patterns even if it may be against the grain. We also share big news about something special we've been working on together to support you in 2021.


We talk about:

  • the battle between our minds and our intuition
  • how seasons can effect our health
  • trusting your inner voice even if it contradicts the outside world
  • the freedom to make your own choices
  • (we share our thoughts on the k0v1d-19)
  • living in faith vs. fear
  • how to see both sides of the coin
  • how to respond to external programming
  • how Zach found his calling and how his studio became a science lab
  • vibrational therapy music clearing the air to feel focused
  • using 528HZ to experience the unseen parts of our brain
  • using food and music as medicine for your body
  • our big move and newest vision
  • the abundance of unconditional love and how to tune into it

"Why are we choosing to stay here and rough through it when we can choose to be somewhere else" - Z.N

"The external voices are always going to be there but its listening to the inside voice, that intuition. That is always going to be your direct compass." -Z.N

"The ego is stubborn and routed into those old habit patterns of your inner child and my inner child. We don't get up and leave because it's hard we navigate through it." -S.V

"Listening to your intuition isn't a straight clear cut thing, its a process and sometimes it involves doing the unsexy work. It took a lot of that for us to get to a place where we honored ourselves." -S.V

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Dec 9, 2020

7 years ago, I shut down my social media accounts for an entire year and prioritized my spiritual journey and mental health. Social media and the internet has a light and a shadow side of it's own. For me, it serves as a vehicle for human connection, business growth and self-expression. However, it took trial and error to eventually get to a place where I could use it more responsibly.

Today I reflect on that time and how it was one of the best decisions I ever made. We talk about the reality of social media addiction and I share 6 practical tools that helped me and my students to use social media to support their life, business and relationships ~ not the other way around.

In this episode, we talk about:

-what I love about social media and how it can be life changing

-the pattern of social media addiction and how I broke it

-reality vs. virtual reality

-the danger of likes, comments and blue check marks

-how I shut down social media for an entire year and found new beginnings

-the change that led to my spiritual awakening

-is there a link between social media and depression?

-using social media with more responsibility

-how to create more boundaries around technology

-finding a balance within social media so it does not consume your life

-6 simple practices to prioritize mental health + technology


Quote from the Show:

"I can detach myself from what my mind is saying (about likes and goals) and I can listen to my heart, I can listen to my truth, I can listen to my own inner wisdom. I can allow that to be my guidance and my compass."

If you are currently navigating through mental health dis-ease, please don't be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to a holistic practitioner or medical practitioner you trust to seek support.


Did this episode spark a thought or question for you?

Text Sandy 1-518-217-4546



Alone Together by Sherry Turkle -


  1. NCBI – Association between Social Media Use and Depression among U.S. Young Adults 

  2. Pew Research Center – About a quarter of U.S. adults say they are ‘almost constantly’ online

  3. Digital Trends – Americans spend an alarming amount of time checking social media on their phones

  4. NCBI – Internet Addiction: A Brief Summary of Research and Practice

  5. U.S. Department of Education – Student Reports of Bullying and Cyber-Bullying: Results From the 2011 School Crime Supplement to the National Crime Victimization Survey



Dec 2, 2020

Do you ever  receive those Divine downloads, a great idea or imagination that feels so aligned, so out-of-this-world and at the same time ... so impossible? Or at least that's what your mind might be telling you. What if imagination is more powerful than knowledge? This is the question we're going explore in today's episode.

Learn to surpass your own limitations. You will asked insightful questions to reflect on so you can tune in to your imaginations and align with the Highest version of yourself. 

We talk about: 

  • breaking through limitations you put on yourself
  • what to do when you feel like you have no support systems
  • how to trust that what you see and feel is real and possible
  • cultivating a relationship with your wants and needs
  • how to understand your vision
  • how I stepped out of my comfort zone to expand my consciousness
  • how to refresh the relationship with yourself
  • how to train the mind for next level fulfillment

Quotes from the show:

"If you have the discipline to train your mind new thoughts then you will create a new reality for your mind. Once your mind feels and embodies this thought, you become it. " -Sandy Vo

"Find opportunities to do things outside of your norm without any plans or expectations. When you hear that inner-voice, allow it and be open to it because chances are it will take you to the next level of your life. " -Sandy Vo



Nov 25, 2020

You don't have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.

You can hold different beliefs than someone around you that you love and not judge them.

Living your "unconventional" life without ruffling feathers of your family members with different belief systems IS possible. May this episode guide you to find love and compassion even when lifestyles do not align this holiday season.

In this episode we talk about:

  • loosening expectations of others to minimize friction
  • empowering your family to make their own decisions
  • ingrained beliefs and heavy programming
  • resolving deep layers anger and friction with my family
  • picking up the phone to say "I love you"
  • releasing rigid beliefs of "right and wrong"
  • giving yourself grace and honoring the path you are on
  • doing the inner work to let go of judgement
  • see yourself more clearly to discover why you are triggered by others
  • utilizing the 3 core principles of who you are
  • the benefits of challenging your mind


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Nov 18, 2020

There's a time for work, a time for play and a time for rest.

Does your schedule sometimes feel overwhelmingly daunting?

Having the freedom to choose what you do with your time holds endless value. When you optimize your schedule, you're optimizing your energy which directly impacts everyone around you.

As a conscious business owner and meditation teacher, I have found ways to set lifestyle systems in place that prioritize my energy and furthermore, help me to deepen my spiritual practice. I discuss habits that block you from optimizing your schedule and share insights on how to replace those habits so you can stay rooted in your spiritual path while still having outer success.


In this episode we talk about:

  • the role of business and spirituality
  • how your unique energy type can determine what kind of schedule you have
  • deepening your core values to align with where you are right now
  • using your schedule as a tool to create more positive impact
  • breaking the loop of being busy but not productive
  • how to slow down while getting things done more efficiently


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Nov 12, 2020

Today's episode is going to take you on a journey of what it looks for Jacarina Soto as she began to untangle generational patterns and beliefs that she adopted at a young age.

Jacarina Soto is a first generation Dominican American, who has a serious passion for empowering women in all facets of life. She is Whole-listic coach and Reiki Healer.  Her focus is teaching the spirit, mind, body connection. Recognizing food brings healing, movement brings strength and spirituality brings clarity. When all 3 come together in alignment we can operate from our highest consciousness to achieve our goals. Having gone through her own transformation, she now is helping others do the same.


In this episode we talk about:

  • seeking spiritual guidance as a woman of color and first generation American

  • how cultivating a safe space within yourself can give you more freedom

  • what it means to surrender

  • what to do when you feel like you're outgrowing relationships

  • how trying to have too much control will block your blessings

  • instant gratification vs deep spiritual growth

  • breaking free from ancestral suppression

  • waking up to her gifts and taking back her power

  • becoming rooted in the human experience

Connect with Jacarina: and on Instagram, @jacarinasoto 


Nov 11, 2020

The first episode of Being Human is officially live! Being Human is a monthly series where you get to be a fly on the wall and eavesdrop into the lives of two conscious leaders, building businesses while remaining deeply rooted in the spiritual quest connecting with God.


In this episode, Zach and I talk about what it really looks like to be in a relationship, have all of your plans for a wedding and a new home shattered, while growing businesses at the same time.


It's time to remove the filters from social media landscape and see each other as we really are.


In this episode we talk about:

  • the double edge sword of the "celebrity culture" or putting people on a pedestal

  • our love for Justin Bieber

  • the illusion of the media culture

  • how our wedding and house hunting didn't go as planned

  • inner child healing as a couple

  • the #1 killer that destroys relationships

  • how Zach's concept of "calling an audible" can change your life

Vibrational therapy music

Sign up healing sleep meditation

Waitlist for prosperous

Nov 4, 2020

Welcome to Prosperous, this week's episode is part of a series that highlights Prosperous Women living a life that is defined by their own terms.

Desiree Washington is a hybrid when it comes to designing and styling. With an architecture background (architect graduate at RPI) and minor Human Factors in Design (Human Psychology) she looks at the world differently. As a former lighting consultant of almost 7 years, she helped design professionals with lighting design and immediately emerged as an upcoming designer specializing in providing design solutions of all types. Through her professional experience over the years, she's worked to master distorting perspectives, brightening spaces, beautifying realities, and optimizing space through different techniques she's implemented. She is a huge fan in sharing a little bit of DIY and transformations that inspires anyone to try them in their own home. Now she's a full time working stay at home mom that shares her life in the lens of not only an entrepreneur, but how to balance work and home life mutually.


In this episode we discuss:

  • honoring your needs and nourishing your energy

  • working through exterior roadblocks to follow your passion

  • how your environment effects how you show up in the world

  • creating a multi-functional sacred space that supports your energy

  • losing her full time job during the pandemic
  • finding faith in God 
  • releasing past versions of self to make big transformations

  • techniques to creating a healthy environment in your home

Desiree is offering a free 30 minute consult to podcast listeners HERE , use code 'SANDY' to book a call today! 

Connect with Desiree:

IG: this is where she is LIVE with a lot of home life, DIY, and inspo on a dime

Visit her website to see client projects, her home tour, and academy.

FB biz page: follow to see simple inspo and latest trends.

Her declutter community Facebook group: join to have support in home organization and decluttering.

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