Welcome to Prosperous; a digital sanctuary inviting you on a journey into the present moment. Each episode is a meditative experience to ease your day, renew your mind and energize your body on the path to your next evolution. As you listen, may you slowly ease towards living in harmony with your own true nature. Are you ready to embody your most Prosperous life with more pleasure, peace and purpose? Let’s dive in.
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Dec 25, 2018

Happy holidays to you and thank you for your continued support as a listener of the Dear Self & Co, podcast! 

I want you to have the most fun, present, and loving time with your friends and family. In this episode, we dive into helpful tips that will guide you to a stress-free holiday. 

We talk about: 

- how to not get caught up in the madness

- tips to navigate challenging conversations with family members

-  what you can do to make the most of your time this season!


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Quotes during show: 

Honor Your Truth while Acknowledging theirs.


Dec 20, 2018

In today’s episode, I am sitting down to have a high vibe, soul enriching conversation with Mariam Guesseuos. Mariam is a native of Marrakech, Morocco living and loving in Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder and creative director of I See You Wellness—a wellness and lifestyle brand that exists to empower communities of color through accessible wellness and radical self care. Mariam is going to share the radical shift she made going from a 6 figure corporate job as a creative director to starting her own brand.


You will learn that:

-Being GOOD at something isn’t the same as feeling fulfilled  

-What you can do to begin prioritizing

-What does surrender actually look like

-How to practice self-care immediately

-How to listen to your intuition and let it guide you.


This is one of those conversations that will inspire you to ask yourself when it comes to doing what you love, ‘WHY THE HECK NOT ME?!" 



I See You Wellness

Mariam's Instagram

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JAN 18 + 19 2019. 

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Dec 7, 2018

I sat in the audience and was in awe by the vibrations I felt through her music.  

My whole body was filled with this unexplainable bliss. It was an honor to experience it and meet world reknowned kirtan artist, Ragani.  In this episode, we talk about words and how they hold vibrations. How she met a legendary Yoga & Meditation Master Swami Rama at the age of 8. What happened when she chose not to follow the crowd. Following the pursuit of feeling. And she challenges you to re-think what it means to be spiritual. 

Nov 17, 2018

Welcome back to another episode of the Dear Self & Co Podcast  

You're listening to episode 44: If it scares you, it's for you.   


You're tuning into this episode because you, like any other human being,   

Has been crippled by the most paralyzing emotion that exists in all of man kind.   


And that is FEAR.   


In this episode, we are going to dive deep into understanding the emotion of fear, How you can leverage it to get what you want, we will break down the 3 most popular fears people that will bring you comfort to know that you're not in it alone, and I will share a big secret I've been keeping of the leaps of faith I am taking in the face of fear.  



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Nov 15, 2018
When it comes to finding happiness, 
so many of us suffer from the what I like to call the “when and then” syndrome. When I drive a nicer car, then I will be happy
When my body is fit and toned, then I will be happy
This is why I’m so excited to share with you today’s conversation that I had with Celebrity Happiness Expert, Rob Mack who has such a profound perspective on happiness and powerful story to share behind it. 
 In today’s episode, Rob is going to shift your entire perspective on how you achieve happiness.
You’re going to learn how to improve the programming of your mind so that you can be, feel, and think happier in a way that is deep, true and sustainable. He will teach you how to transform your mindset and gift you with daily hacks you can do to be the happiest version of you. You won’t want to this miss! 
"Enlightenment is lightening up."
"If you think about it, most of nature, is perfectly blissful despite experiencing similar loss, misfortune, death, illness.”
"The problem is a mind that can’t stop thinking.”
"Even if you had the perfect life, lover, health, body, success,
Conditions and circumstances, it only accounts for 10% of your happiness"
"When I tap into my inner Self, things happen more harmoniously and they show up.”
"Happiness is not circumstantial or conditional. 
Success doesn’t lead to happiness
But happiness leads to success 
If you can get happy before your circumstances change or improve, 
you can actually improve the circumstances in your life.” 
Rob’s Instagram
Rob’s Website
Rob’s Book Happiness From the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment 
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Nov 1, 2018
Ever had that moment in your life where you knew your body was communicating something to you and you went to see medical professionals only to find out that “Everything looks normal. There’s nothing wrong.” ?
In today’s episode, we are going to tune into an inspiring story about one woman’s will to take charge of her own health when she had a mysterious illness. Sharon Falchuk is a functional medicine certified health coach who specializes in helping those with mysterious illnesses forge their path to healing. 
In this episode, Sharon takes you on her health journey as she was navigating through mysterious illnesses that over 15 medical professionals had no answers to. 
You learn: 
- How to take charge your own health
-How to reconnect to yourself and be your own best healer
-What functional mind/body medicine is and how it differentiates from main stream medicine
-How to deal with family members who don’t understand your sensitivities 
Giving people confidence to say I know whats best for me
Sharon’s sayings during the show: 
"When you make changes, it disrupts everything around you. 
The amazing thing is once you get to the other side, the people around you start changing and healing too."
"I’m grateful for beauty for ashes. 
The challenges in our lives aren’t wasted, there is so much we cannot wrap our mind around. Everything in our path is here to teach us and someways grow us. You can’t come through any of those things the same person who came in.” 
"Make connections for yourself. Tune into the message that your body is telling you. It's just a matter of paying attention."
Sharon's Website 
Sharon's Instagram
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Oct 18, 2018

Today's topic is something that I have been eager to talk about because it has been showing up consistently with the women I've been working with in our Ladies Aligned Mastermind, private clients and even women that I have been meeting at events this past week and that is that as women, we often find ourselves exhausted and we struggle to set healthy boundaries in relationships.

In this episode, I'm going to share with you 5 loving ways to set healthy boundaries so you can honor your Highest Self. This is going to be a journaling kind of episode so grab your pen and paper and let's get started.

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Oct 6, 2018

I had the chance to meet Janet at a women's event that she was a keynote speaker for. We made genuine eye contact and the joy sparks flew off from there. She delivered so much value during her talk, I knew she would be a great guest on the show.

In this episode, you'll get the inside look into the journey of an incredible entrepreneur and we talk about: 


-What the entrepreneurial journey really looks like

-The two attributions to success

-The unique approach to making more money as an entrepreneur

-The power of building a community 
-Common mistakes in entrepreneurship 
-Why Janet doesn't believe in competition
-The story about the broken box launched her into entrepreneurship
Quotes from Janet throughout the Show: 
"Remember to ask for what you need because the Universe supports it”
"Be unique. 
Too many people try to be perfect and nothing launches. 
They wait too long and the moment passes. There is no such thing as perfection."
"Sometimes falling on your face is the best way to move forward.”
"You learn from your mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn. That is where all the learning happens. 
With each thing you make, you learn more."
"Dear Self, you are enough. Trust your gut. Tell your truth and be fierce about it. Know your values and let them be your compass to guide. You are here to serve the world not the other way around. 
Generate kindness, be compassionate and strive to make a difference." 
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Oct 4, 2018
Today’s episode is a continuing episode of 38 with featured recovery coach, Cortney Lovell, where you will hear more about an honest account of living with addiction and the process of recovery.
In this episode, Cortney provides us with an inside look on how she is advocating to change the current systems set up for dealing with recovery, the new way to treat those struggling with addiction, knowledge about how to actively deal with a loved one who may be using, what it really looks like to surrender your will, how the act of service and giving to others deepened her connection to her spirituality and the role that spirituality played to change her entire life. 
Widely regarded as one of the nation’s top leaders in Recovery Coaching, Cortney Lovell is a modern messenger for change. 
Recovery: A Coaching Workbook 
Our Wellness Collective
Cortney's Instagram: 
Quotes during the show:
"Persistent love plays a huge part in ability to heal and recover pain,trauma, and self worth. Tough love is not the answer. "
“Surrendering your will is not this defeatist approach to recovery. It's not this throw your hands in the air and not do anything. The beauty of it is that we don't have to hold onto the pain and suffering of the moment. You don’t have to sit in it anymore. Your higher power will take care of it." 
Sep 28, 2018

Warning: you'll need some tissues. This episode is proof that transformation is possible for everyone. I was left speechless so many times in today's episode with my guest Cortney Lovell. From the outside looking in, she was the picture perfect American girl playing 3 varsity level sports, honors student and you would have never guessed what she has gone through to be the person she is today. In honor of recovery month, I wanted to understand addiction and I couldn't have understood it better than through the honest account of someone who has gone through it. 

In today's episode, Cortney opens up about what it was like to live with addiction at a very young age, how her addiction began before it even started, the fear that arises of judgment from others, the day when she thought her life was completely over and the heart riveting event that turned her entire life around into a healthier path.

She also talks about the things that broke her down and stripped her of her power are the same things that give her the most power today.


Cortney's Quotes

"We can't paint up an exterior and expect the interior to match it." 

"Every idea of who I was going to be when I grew up, disappeared. The future dissolved. All that was there for me was getting high." 

"I decided I was going to meet me and learn to love me."  

 "Today I get to live my life in service and my service is so often using so much of my suffering."

"The things that broke me down and stripped me down of my power at one point are the same things that give me the most power today. That heal me and keep me whole and that's transformation, that’s possible in recovery where we turn our greatest struggles into our assets and gifts."

 "Transformation is possible for everyone. "


What else could you ask for in life to be a young woman facing a lifetime of possibilities?


"To understand what my purpose is in life already, the least I can do is live it."


"There is purpose in my experience and there is a design greater than I can conceive."



Order Cortney's book: 

Recovery Workbook




Sep 21, 2018

Wow. Ever have that instant connection and vibing with someone you just met? That completely happened in today's episode. You will meet Vanessa Petronelli who is an international spiritual teacher and we talk about: 

-the power in the practice of gratitude during challenging times 

-her past as a Hollywood actress & model lead her to spirituality 

-how to dis-identify with roles that no longer align

-the NEW definition of SUCCESS

Vanessa's quotes throughout the episode: 

"Connection happens beyond what we say we do or who we are in the world."

“There’s a new definition that’s being created now and redefined because success really is about fulfillment. If the things you’re creating or achieving really create this FULFILLMENT within you even on the journey to getting there— 
then you know you are on the right path.” 

Connect with Vanessa: 



Sep 13, 2018

My oh my, these thoughts can sure take us for a whirlwind huh? 

Something tells me you've been feeling a little trapped more than usual lately. You have all these bright ideas, goals, aspirations and dreams all stuck inside your head and it's sleeping in bed with all the other thoughts of "I'm not good enough .." "No way that I can do that"

I'm here to tell you you can. Let's dig into the power of thoughts in this episode and reveal how we can leverage our thoughts to leverage our human experience and evolve into the Highest expression of you.






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Sep 8, 2018

Looking for that special one or think you've already found them? This episode will fascinate you and shift your perspective on how you view relationships aside from the way society portrays. In today's episode, you will meet the amazing Cheryl Muir, who is a catalyst for healing the Divine Feminine heart. 

We talk about all things relationships, co-dependency, how to break the cycle of old habits in relationships and how we can navigate relationships to be more open, vulnerable and see ourselves more clearly. We talk about what it's really like to be with a soulmate. And I will warn you that before you fall in love with her and her story about relationships, you will fall in love with her British accent. 

Cheryl's quotes from the show:

"Something really amazing happens as a Divine Feminine when are open our hearts.We can only love another person as deeply as we love ourselves."


Connect with Cheryl:

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Aug 30, 2018

Indecision is paralyzing.

I often wonder how much time does the mind spend between indecision and decision?

Should I go to the gym or should I sleep in?

Should I go out tonight or should I watch Netflix?

Should I eat this cookie or should I have that apple?

So the question becomes; how many of these decisions lead us to a more expansive and fulfilling life?

How many of these decisions lead us to a reality that isn't serving us?

I can admit that there have been so many times growing up where indecision got the best of me. Instead of starting to the make the changes I wanted, I stopped because I didn't know how to move forward. And repeat the same cycle until I finally learned the lesson.

And I know from speaking with so many people that I’m not alone in this. In this episode, you'll learn 2 reasons why you find yourself experiencing the same repeating cycles and uncover some big roadblocks that are keeping you stuck. 





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September 1st, 2018


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Aug 22, 2018

I was at a conference called Revolution of Consciousness where I discovered Dr. Beverly Marr, who is literally the posture guru. 

I knew I wanted to dig in and invite her to provide her expertise on this podcast with you. If you have been experiencing tension in the body, it could be due to your posture. We're looking down to use our phones all the time but are we thinking about our posture while we do? This episode will raise your awareness up about your posture to another level. 

In this episode, we dive into why posture is the most underrated health condition. Why it's important to have good and stable posture. 

What's happening within the body when we slouch 

How you can prevent physical neck and backpain 

How your posture shows the world who you are 

How the repetition in certain postures can affect the oxygenation to your organs

How your posture can affect your metabolism 

and so much more! 

To purchase your own Pure Posture, visit:
Amy Cuddy- Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are 
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Aug 14, 2018

When was the last time you gave yourself the permission to dream?

In this episode, I share with you the transformative inner work that has been going on behind the scenes and how these lessons have blossomed into blessings that I get to share with you. 

I share with you about the conversation my significant other and I had about our dreams and goals that inspired me to record this podcast episode. We dig deep into that complicated space between where you now and where you desire to be. We talk about flow and surrender in giving yourself the permission to dream, grow and expand. 

I share childhood stories that if you grew up before cell phones, you would so relate to. This episode is dense with so many goodies and I am excited for you to tune in!

I also share a special announcement with you about an IN-PERSON event that I am co-hosting that you won't want to miss! 

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Jul 31, 2018
Ruby is the coach for the new generation of thought leaders. As a Top Breakthrough Coach for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to bring their big missions into the spotlight, her no non-sense approach ignites true transformation, while flipping fear into actualized ambition and doubt into absolute confidence.
In this episode,
we dive deep into Ruby’s story before she became the fearless and dynamic leader you know of today. 
We learn about her past experiences growing up in an eastern culture where women were not allowed to express themselves and how the impact of that situation led her to be connected to her voice and learn how to speak her truth.
Ruby also shares the process of an honest healing journey and what that looks like.
  • The freedom that comes from searching deeper within
  • How you can use her CPR process to breakthrough fear
  • How to use your voice to truly make an impact and serve others
I hope you enjoy tuning into this honest conversation. 
Connect with Ruby:
Jul 21, 2018

Ever get into a disagreement with someone and said,

"You make me feel XYZ ..?"

This episode is for you if you want to learn to understand where your emotions are coming from and how to manage them through meditation and a contemplation practice.



Jul 10, 2018

I'm so excited for you to tune into this epic conversation today.

This episode is for you if you are: 

  • A brick and mortar looking to convert into an online space 
  • A struggling online entrepreneur who wants to be more scalable and profitable
  • Someone who has a job that you are not in love with
  • Someone who wants to build an additional income stream 

In this episode, you will meet boss babe Shannan Monson. Shannan is a serial entrepreneur, high-performance coach, social media strategist and the Founder of Nutrition Simply where she teaches women how to build scalable six-figure launches with her signature online programs. We talk about what it's really like to be a female founder and wellness influencer. You'll hear personal stories about Shannan that will inspire you to go back to your roots and use what you grew up with to help you on the entrepreneurial journey. Shannan shares so many tips and insights that will inspire you to demand more from yourself and stop playing small. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Why Instagram is currently the #1 platform to grow and scale your business with 
  • How to Convert Followers into Loyal Customers
  • Why you don't need 100k Followers to make substantial money
  • How you can be successful with less than 500 followers

... and so much more! 

Connect with Shannan:


Jul 4, 2018

Welcome back friends, 

Today's episode is brief but dense with thought-provoking questions that will help you visualize a true life of freedom. 

We talk about:

-the meaning and significance of freedom. 

-old habits and how they prevent you from living the life you desire

Tune in a quick dose of inspiration. 





Jun 26, 2018

“I wish people liked me the way they like her.” 

"How do I be pretty or smart like that?" 

Can you believe that these were thoughts I would tell myself on a daily basis?

In this episode, you will hear about my years being an outcast in high school to getting so clear with the gifts that I became confident in walking in the direction of my dreams. 

I even quit a job that would yield multiple six figures because it didn't align with my deepest desires and I am so glad I did! I now get to serve you on this platform, work from anywhere and with anyone in the world, and share the message of truth.

I want you to have that same kind of clarity. 

Here is what you will learn: 

-The 3 States of the mind and how you can choose which state in each moment

-How to Be More Self-Aware

-Why it is important to find and connect to your gifts 

-How to Honor Your Gifts and Evolve them



Wednesday, June 27 2018 @ 8:00PM EST/ 5 PM PST

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Jun 20, 2018
Do you wake up with the intention to get things done then you suddenly realize it’s night time and you didn’t get anything done at all? 
Are you often busy, yet unproductive when it comes to focusing on the tasks that propel you forward? 
Do you have a difficult time how to organize your day to maximize productivity? 
Being self-employed for so many years brought great freedom but with that freedom came with the responsibility of knowing what to do with all this time. I searched far and wide for ways to organize my day that would help me to experience peak performance while also honoring the creative within me. 
In this soul talk workshop episode, you will learn the system I came up with to organize the day to maximize productivity and get things done. The unique aspect of this method is how much you are honoring yourself within the process. 
We begin by asking ourselves a question that inspires us to feel a certain way. 
-Then you will learn the 3 different kinds of tasks in a given day. 
-How to prioritize your tasks so that they do not pile up and overwhelm you 
-How to organize your day to maximize your performance and efficiency 
-Questions to ask yourself to ensure that these tasks deserve a space on your master board 
-How to set up your master board to take inspired action
We talk about what kinds of goals to plan and how to align yourself with those goals on a day to day basis. 
Take a look at the resources section on the tools you’ll need, grab the tools and let’s get to work- intuitive style!
There are so many goodies in this episode!
Screenshot you doing the workshop and tag me on IG @isandyvo.
Whiteboard and/or white poster card
Stickie Notes 
Sharpie markers (color recommended)
Expo Markers if using whiteboard
Jun 12, 2018

Welcome back dear One!

I am settling back in from my trip overseas to Vietnam and Thailand, and I wanted to take time to share with you reflections that came into my awareness while I was over there. 

It's so easy to lost in such a busy, always stimulating our senses kind of world. We drift away from our own desires and dreams without even realizing it. Then we become unhappy and feel unfulfilled. In this episode, I talk about coming back home to yourself to ask questions that guide you to your own internal answers. We also do a guided meditation.

No one knows you better than you know you.

The more you can spend some time in self-study by asking yourself these questions, the more you can deepen the relationship with yourself so that you fulfill your desires. 


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Jun 2, 2018
It has been quite a while since we've had an anonymous episode on the show. I love the raw true tales that come from the callers about overcoming the most difficult tragedies of life. These episodes highlight the humanness that is present in all of us and the stories behind the faces that make us who we are. 
In this episode, our anonymous caller releases a story about being denied by her father at birth and could not be cared for by her mother by the time she was 8 months old. She spent her life being cared for in different households wondering if her father was ever going to want her as a child. 
When she finally gets an opportunity to rekindle with her father, something tragic happened that left her questioning her self-worthiness of love. 
Music was her home. Today, she is a singer songwriter and her voice heals people the way singing healed her as she was navigating through the trenches of life as a child and teenager with no parents. She found her gift in the times when she felt the most lonely and unwanted. 
It shows how we must honor those tragic times in our lives because it plays a great role in connecting us to our purpose and our gift. I send so much love this caller. 

Listening will surely send chills through your spine as you fall in love with the guest and her bravery.


Do you have an untold story you would like to release under an anonymous filter? Click HERE to apply. 


May 15, 2018
In this episode, I had the honor of interviewing best selling author of Do a Day, Bryan Falchuk.
After facing life changing adversities back to back, Bryan created an approach to help others live a better life based with his Do A Day philosophy.
Bryan was faced with many relatable challenges in life like dealing with depression, self-criticism, judgement from others, living with obesity as a child while trying to sort through his parent's divorce, the stresses from work, depression, the duty of being a good father and husband. At one point, he was even told that his wife's illness was fatal. The most difficult part was having their son watch this all happen.
This contributed a shift in Bryan to wake up to life and live each day, better. Today Bryan shares that it is not just about overcoming the adversity. It's about asking yourself, "how can I create a life of happiness, achievement and balance?"
He has lost nearly 100 lbs., has ran a marathon and even transformed his diet into being vegan in just one day. He got his masters from a top school and rose to a senior executive position in a successful business. And now he’s a best-selling author, has spoken at TEDx events, and has written articles for many major publications like Inc. Magazine, the Chicago Tribune and LA Times. He’s transformed his life and developed an approach to help others do the same that he teaches in his best-selling book “Do a Day”, and he’s here today to share that philosophy with all of you.
Here is what you will learn: 
-How to use each day to contribute to your goals to live the life you want
-The 3 building blocks to living better each day
-How to identify your true motivation (not what you think)
-How to be free from the past or the future
-Bryan's personal struggles 
-How to achieve greater success
-How to take specific action
-Why we must start with self-love
This philosophy will you to achieve your goals without the self-criticism of our past choices or the worry of what lies ahead. 
Bryan is also a regular contributor for Inc Magazine ( and does many keynote speaking events, including an upcoming TEDx.
Bryan Falchuk overcame adversity, lost nearly 100 pounds, ran a marathon, dramatically changed his 
Today, Bryan coaches many people on how to achieve their goals and thrive. 
Bryan's quotes throughout the episode:
"You have to focus on the self love because how can you expect to overcome what’s standing in the way and achieve the things you really care about if inside you don’t feel like you deserve it or you’re worthy of it.”
"Self-love is pervasive in all that we do."
"Start allowing for the possibility that you are good, you’re capable and you deserve it."
"Find what's wrong, call it out and fix it but it makes us hypercritical because we are trained to look for what’s wrong in ourselves."
 Website: Facebook:
Twitter: @bryanfalchuk (
Instagram: @bryanfalchuk (
TEDx Talk:
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