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Jun 26, 2018

“I wish people liked me the way they like her.” 

"How do I be pretty or smart like that?" 

Can you believe that these were thoughts I would tell myself on a daily basis?

In this episode, you will hear about my years being an outcast in high school to getting so clear with the gifts that I became confident in walking in the direction of my dreams. 

I even quit a job that would yield multiple six figures because it didn't align with my deepest desires and I am so glad I did! I now get to serve you on this platform, work from anywhere and with anyone in the world, and share the message of truth.

I want you to have that same kind of clarity. 

Here is what you will learn: 

-The 3 States of the mind and how you can choose which state in each moment

-How to Be More Self-Aware

-Why it is important to find and connect to your gifts 

-How to Honor Your Gifts and Evolve them



Wednesday, June 27 2018 @ 8:00PM EST/ 5 PM PST

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Jun 20, 2018
Do you wake up with the intention to get things done then you suddenly realize it’s night time and you didn’t get anything done at all? 
Are you often busy, yet unproductive when it comes to focusing on the tasks that propel you forward? 
Do you have a difficult time how to organize your day to maximize productivity? 
Being self-employed for so many years brought great freedom but with that freedom came with the responsibility of knowing what to do with all this time. I searched far and wide for ways to organize my day that would help me to experience peak performance while also honoring the creative within me. 
In this soul talk workshop episode, you will learn the system I came up with to organize the day to maximize productivity and get things done. The unique aspect of this method is how much you are honoring yourself within the process. 
We begin by asking ourselves a question that inspires us to feel a certain way. 
-Then you will learn the 3 different kinds of tasks in a given day. 
-How to prioritize your tasks so that they do not pile up and overwhelm you 
-How to organize your day to maximize your performance and efficiency 
-Questions to ask yourself to ensure that these tasks deserve a space on your master board 
-How to set up your master board to take inspired action
We talk about what kinds of goals to plan and how to align yourself with those goals on a day to day basis. 
Take a look at the resources section on the tools you’ll need, grab the tools and let’s get to work- intuitive style!
There are so many goodies in this episode!
Screenshot you doing the workshop and tag me on IG @isandyvo.
Whiteboard and/or white poster card
Stickie Notes 
Sharpie markers (color recommended)
Expo Markers if using whiteboard
Jun 12, 2018

Welcome back dear One!

I am settling back in from my trip overseas to Vietnam and Thailand, and I wanted to take time to share with you reflections that came into my awareness while I was over there. 

It's so easy to lost in such a busy, always stimulating our senses kind of world. We drift away from our own desires and dreams without even realizing it. Then we become unhappy and feel unfulfilled. In this episode, I talk about coming back home to yourself to ask questions that guide you to your own internal answers. We also do a guided meditation.

No one knows you better than you know you.

The more you can spend some time in self-study by asking yourself these questions, the more you can deepen the relationship with yourself so that you fulfill your desires. 


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Jun 2, 2018
It has been quite a while since we've had an anonymous episode on the show. I love the raw true tales that come from the callers about overcoming the most difficult tragedies of life. These episodes highlight the humanness that is present in all of us and the stories behind the faces that make us who we are. 
In this episode, our anonymous caller releases a story about being denied by her father at birth and could not be cared for by her mother by the time she was 8 months old. She spent her life being cared for in different households wondering if her father was ever going to want her as a child. 
When she finally gets an opportunity to rekindle with her father, something tragic happened that left her questioning her self-worthiness of love. 
Music was her home. Today, she is a singer songwriter and her voice heals people the way singing healed her as she was navigating through the trenches of life as a child and teenager with no parents. She found her gift in the times when she felt the most lonely and unwanted. 
It shows how we must honor those tragic times in our lives because it plays a great role in connecting us to our purpose and our gift. I send so much love this caller. 

Listening will surely send chills through your spine as you fall in love with the guest and her bravery.


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