Welcome to Prosperous; a sanctuary where we explore the Highest expression of your Soul. I’m Sandy Vo, your host, here to elevate you on the journey of your next evolution. Each week, you’ll receive grounded, insightful teachings that you can integrate with ease. Get ready to unlock your version of spiritual growth in wealth, business, life and relationships. Are you ready to finally embody your most Prosperous life with more pleasure, peace and purpose? Let’s dive in.
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Dec 30, 2020

Would you build a house on a cracked foundation?


In this episode, we talk about how you can lay down the groundwork and energetic foundation for calling in your desires for 2021.


In this episode we talk about:

-getting intentional with your energy

-transitioning your energy for the new year

-spiritual materialism

-setting boundaries to take time for yourself

-how to tap into your body wisdom to make decisions + feel it out

-tuning into your internal guidance system

-a New Year Love Note from Sandy

-diving deeper into a Divine Feminine space

-3 potent questions to anchor-in and reflect on your 2020

-practices to transform your thoughts into bright and exciting opportunities



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Quotes from the show:

"Often times we want the men in our lives to do these things for us like dates and romantic picnics, I want you to realize how good you feel when you do this for yourself and connect to the highest version of who you are"


"Everything that was in our lives served us for a purpose, for a reason. It is what helped us to gain the wisdom that we have now, to build the character that we have now. Without these challenges then you wouldn't be half the person of who it is that you are. We have to give a lot of gratitude."


"It is when we try to control, that we experience the most pain and suffering."




Dec 23, 2020

You can honor ALL it is that you are but the problem is, most of us are not doing that. Instead, we force ourselves to be positive, suppress our thoughts and feelings even when our emotions store so much intelligence that is trying to guide us along the way.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Pros and Cons of being an optimist
  • going into silent mode to be present and grounded
  • how I accidentally trained myself to suppress my emotions
  • releasing emotions for more space to create new ideas
  • creating a new vehicle to lead you to enlightenment
  • turning yourself into a spiritual practice
  • honoring the duality of life
  • how to meet a deeper and higher version of who you are
  • my next evolution of how I will serve you and how I'm cultivating a new online experience
  • a GIVEAWAY that will enhance your mood, energy and immune system.

"When it comes to being positive, it's a concept that I myself have learned to shatter. What that means is that I am here to honor the vastness of the human experience. We can share when we are feeling sad, confused, happy, excited. When we honor our emotions and allow ourselves to see all of our humanness it connects us deeper to our spirit. Not only do we come with this thinking mind that creates and transforms but we also have these emotions."


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Dec 16, 2020

In today's Being Human episode, my fiancé Zach and I talk about what it looks like for us to feel in a rut, why we migrate in the winter time and how we break through patterns even if it may be against the grain. We also share big news about something special we've been working on together to support you in 2021.


We talk about:

  • the battle between our minds and our intuition
  • how seasons can effect our health
  • trusting your inner voice even if it contradicts the outside world
  • the freedom to make your own choices
  • (we share our thoughts on the k0v1d-19)
  • living in faith vs. fear
  • how to see both sides of the coin
  • how to respond to external programming
  • how Zach found his calling and how his studio became a science lab
  • vibrational therapy music clearing the air to feel focused
  • using 528HZ to experience the unseen parts of our brain
  • using food and music as medicine for your body
  • our big move and newest vision
  • the abundance of unconditional love and how to tune into it

"Why are we choosing to stay here and rough through it when we can choose to be somewhere else" - Z.N

"The external voices are always going to be there but its listening to the inside voice, that intuition. That is always going to be your direct compass." -Z.N

"The ego is stubborn and routed into those old habit patterns of your inner child and my inner child. We don't get up and leave because it's hard we navigate through it." -S.V

"Listening to your intuition isn't a straight clear cut thing, its a process and sometimes it involves doing the unsexy work. It took a lot of that for us to get to a place where we honored ourselves." -S.V

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Dec 9, 2020

7 years ago, I shut down my social media accounts for an entire year and prioritized my spiritual journey and mental health. Social media and the internet has a light and a shadow side of it's own. For me, it serves as a vehicle for human connection, business growth and self-expression. However, it took trial and error to eventually get to a place where I could use it more responsibly.

Today I reflect on that time and how it was one of the best decisions I ever made. We talk about the reality of social media addiction and I share 6 practical tools that helped me and my students to use social media to support their life, business and relationships ~ not the other way around.

In this episode, we talk about:

-what I love about social media and how it can be life changing

-the pattern of social media addiction and how I broke it

-reality vs. virtual reality

-the danger of likes, comments and blue check marks

-how I shut down social media for an entire year and found new beginnings

-the change that led to my spiritual awakening

-is there a link between social media and depression?

-using social media with more responsibility

-how to create more boundaries around technology

-finding a balance within social media so it does not consume your life

-6 simple practices to prioritize mental health + technology


Quote from the Show:

"I can detach myself from what my mind is saying (about likes and goals) and I can listen to my heart, I can listen to my truth, I can listen to my own inner wisdom. I can allow that to be my guidance and my compass."

If you are currently navigating through mental health dis-ease, please don't be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to a holistic practitioner or medical practitioner you trust to seek support.


Did this episode spark a thought or question for you?

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Alone Together by Sherry Turkle -


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  2. Pew Research Center – About a quarter of U.S. adults say they are ‘almost constantly’ online

  3. Digital Trends – Americans spend an alarming amount of time checking social media on their phones

  4. NCBI – Internet Addiction: A Brief Summary of Research and Practice

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Dec 2, 2020

Do you ever  receive those Divine downloads, a great idea or imagination that feels so aligned, so out-of-this-world and at the same time ... so impossible? Or at least that's what your mind might be telling you. What if imagination is more powerful than knowledge? This is the question we're going explore in today's episode.

Learn to surpass your own limitations. You will asked insightful questions to reflect on so you can tune in to your imaginations and align with the Highest version of yourself. 

We talk about: 

  • breaking through limitations you put on yourself
  • what to do when you feel like you have no support systems
  • how to trust that what you see and feel is real and possible
  • cultivating a relationship with your wants and needs
  • how to understand your vision
  • how I stepped out of my comfort zone to expand my consciousness
  • how to refresh the relationship with yourself
  • how to train the mind for next level fulfillment

Quotes from the show:

"If you have the discipline to train your mind new thoughts then you will create a new reality for your mind. Once your mind feels and embodies this thought, you become it. " -Sandy Vo

"Find opportunities to do things outside of your norm without any plans or expectations. When you hear that inner-voice, allow it and be open to it because chances are it will take you to the next level of your life. " -Sandy Vo