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Welcome to Superconscious Soul, a podcast and community on spirituality to nourish the modern day. In this podcast, we explore the truths from all walks of life and learn to connect to the essence of who we truly are. You will shed limiting beliefs, connect to your core gifts and gain the tools to fall wildly in love with your Self, your life and business. In this invigorating podcast, embark on the inner journey with your host and meditation teacher, Sandy Vo. Entering as a refreshing young voice, Sandy brings forth ancient spiritual wisdom to modern day living. Each week, she equips her listeners with tangible tools, perspective shifting insights and soul-enriching conversations to overcome obstacles and make transformations happen. The promise of each episode is to leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered to go after the life you desire and deserve.  Join the exclusive community: Please help to broaden the impact reach by RATING, REVIEWING AND SUBSCRIBE. Follow me on Instagram @isandyvo to connect!
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Feb 28, 2018
EP 15 | How to Break the Cycle of Unconscious Wiring To Step Outside of Comfort and Create a Meaningful Life with Dr. Chris Fasano  
I know I say in every episode that “I have a very special guest” but it’s because all of my guests are truly special. 
They have so much wisdom, practical experiments and direct experience to offer. 
What if I told you that today you’re going to learn about what exactly is happening in your brain in moments of fear, getting outside of your comfort zone and rewiring old habits so you can create new ones? 
Pretty awesome right? 
Today I am introducing to you, the incredible neuroscientist, Dr. Christopher Fasano, who gives us an insight into the process of the brain and what happens when we become complacent in our lives. He teaches us how to take control of our mental health by understanding the science of the brain and learning how to become more self-aware of our thoughts. 
We talk about: 
-Dr. Fasano’s background and what led him to have a desire to study the brain 
-Why he is passionate about human interaction 
-Why it’s crucial that we begin to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and take risks in our lives
-A clear insight on what’s happening in our brain when we are complacent 
-How to NOT be controlled by unconscious thought patterns or old memories
-How to Hi-Jack Your Own Brain for Your Betterment
-Why we judge ourselves and our actions
-Questions to ask yourself to become more self-aware
Dr. Chris Fasano’s sayings throughout the episode: 
Find what it is that gives you that pleasure 
Taking the risk was the best thing that ever happened because that’s where the world realigns and it forces you to do what you need to do, where if you stayed and linger—you could still get there but  it would take longer. 
"THAT UH-OH moment is your most creative and opportunistic time. It is when you are in that uncomfortable state.
Only at that point in your life where you can stop and say to yourself “Okay, what do I want?” Because anything is out there for you."
Fitness and wellness is an anxious proposition 
If you can lower the anxiety of a human about to better themselves, than you’ll have a higher conversion rate.
"Human beings are not designed to be comfortable.  We were made to be uncomfortable but we’ve evolved to be comfortable and that's the problem. Evolution has taken over and for some reason, it makes us think we have to become a comfortable society. It's okay to be baseline safe but you’ve got to step outside of your comfort zone. “
"Fear comes from region of the brain called the amygdala. Humans have developed a big amygdala overtime and once activated, it sends impulses to your pre-frontal cortex which regulates your higher level thinking and they have a gateway battle.
When things come in, it blocks the impulse. It subverts fear responses and it says, “whoa, whoa, whoa don’t do that.” doesn’t even let you become afraid so complacent humans don’t have anything wrong with them--they are just safe where they are.
Once the brain establishes circuitry and mechanism, it doesn’t want to change. It requires a lot of energy and neuro- rewiring to do that. "
"They want to progress but their brain and wired to establish this mechanism to stay the same. 
Brain gets comfortable in its wiring and it doesn’t let you- something needs to happen- need to be helped — need to be pushed by an outside factor” 
Psychologists estimates that 90 percent of our behaviors goes on without conscious thought.
The brain is designed to automate behaviors. It gets into a loop and operates on it.
People have to do a risk assessment of personality and life style. Look at routines and where can you take room to take risks. Do an analysis of your risk. IF you’re not living a risky life, you have more room to try something. 
Focus on what you’re good at and that will always bring to you the next step
If you are willing to be uncomfortable for a little bit, there is going to be sunlight.
If you can hi-jack the brain to become an auto loop on your product, people will buy your product forever.
Humans were never meant to perform individually. We are social society where we are supposed to interact and benefit from each other. And if we allow ego to make us think that we ar the only way things are possible that no one else can contribute, you're going to fail. 
It's okay for the brain to seek pleasurable things that are good for you. Get your mind addicted to the right thing
Dear Self Declaration
"I know you’re in there, I know what you’re capable of. I am going to take every step I can to make sure that you SELF are the true self that I know you are. "
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