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Welcome to Superconscious Soul, a podcast and community on spirituality to nourish the modern day. In this podcast, we explore the truths from all walks of life and learn to connect to the essence of who we truly are. You will shed limiting beliefs, connect to your core gifts and gain the tools to fall wildly in love with your Self, your life and business. In this invigorating podcast, embark on the inner journey with your host and meditation teacher, Sandy Vo. Entering as a refreshing young voice, Sandy brings forth ancient spiritual wisdom to modern day living. Each week, she equips her listeners with tangible tools, perspective shifting insights and soul-enriching conversations to overcome obstacles and make transformations happen. The promise of each episode is to leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered to go after the life you desire and deserve.  Join the exclusive community: Please help to broaden the impact reach by RATING, REVIEWING AND SUBSCRIBE. Follow me on Instagram @isandyvo to connect!
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Oct 18, 2018

Today's topic is something that I have been eager to talk about because it has been showing up consistently with the women I've been working with in our Ladies Aligned Mastermind, private clients and even women that I have been meeting at events this past week and that is that as women, we often find ourselves exhausted and we struggle to set healthy boundaries in relationships.

In this episode, I'm going to share with you 5 loving ways to set healthy boundaries so you can honor your Highest Self. This is going to be a journaling kind of episode so grab your pen and paper and let's get started.

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Oct 6, 2018

I had the chance to meet Janet at a women's event that she was a keynote speaker for. We made genuine eye contact and the joy sparks flew off from there. She delivered so much value during her talk, I knew she would be a great guest on the show.

In this episode, you'll get the inside look into the journey of an incredible entrepreneur and we talk about: 


-What the entrepreneurial journey really looks like

-The two attributions to success

-The unique approach to making more money as an entrepreneur

-The power of building a community 
-Common mistakes in entrepreneurship 
-Why Janet doesn't believe in competition
-The story about the broken box launched her into entrepreneurship
Quotes from Janet throughout the Show: 
"Remember to ask for what you need because the Universe supports it”
"Be unique. 
Too many people try to be perfect and nothing launches. 
They wait too long and the moment passes. There is no such thing as perfection."
"Sometimes falling on your face is the best way to move forward.”
"You learn from your mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn. That is where all the learning happens. 
With each thing you make, you learn more."
"Dear Self, you are enough. Trust your gut. Tell your truth and be fierce about it. Know your values and let them be your compass to guide. You are here to serve the world not the other way around. 
Generate kindness, be compassionate and strive to make a difference." 
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Hammock Way of Life
Oct 4, 2018
Today’s episode is a continuing episode of 38 with featured recovery coach, Cortney Lovell, where you will hear more about an honest account of living with addiction and the process of recovery.
In this episode, Cortney provides us with an inside look on how she is advocating to change the current systems set up for dealing with recovery, the new way to treat those struggling with addiction, knowledge about how to actively deal with a loved one who may be using, what it really looks like to surrender your will, how the act of service and giving to others deepened her connection to her spirituality and the role that spirituality played to change her entire life. 
Widely regarded as one of the nation’s top leaders in Recovery Coaching, Cortney Lovell is a modern messenger for change. 
Recovery: A Coaching Workbook 
Our Wellness Collective
Cortney's Instagram: 
Quotes during the show:
"Persistent love plays a huge part in ability to heal and recover pain,trauma, and self worth. Tough love is not the answer. "
“Surrendering your will is not this defeatist approach to recovery. It's not this throw your hands in the air and not do anything. The beauty of it is that we don't have to hold onto the pain and suffering of the moment. You don’t have to sit in it anymore. Your higher power will take care of it."