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Welcome to Superconscious Soul, a podcast and community on spirituality to nourish the modern day. In this podcast, we explore the truths from all walks of life and learn to connect to the essence of who we truly are. You will shed limiting beliefs, connect to your core gifts and gain the tools to fall wildly in love with your Self, your life and business. In this invigorating podcast, embark on the inner journey with your host and meditation teacher, Sandy Vo. Entering as a refreshing young voice, Sandy brings forth ancient spiritual wisdom to modern day living. Each week, she equips her listeners with tangible tools, perspective shifting insights and soul-enriching conversations to overcome obstacles and make transformations happen. The promise of each episode is to leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered to go after the life you desire and deserve.  Join the exclusive community: Please help to broaden the impact reach by RATING, REVIEWING AND SUBSCRIBE. Follow me on Instagram @isandyvo to connect!
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Jul 31, 2018
Ruby is the coach for the new generation of thought leaders. As a Top Breakthrough Coach for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to bring their big missions into the spotlight, her no non-sense approach ignites true transformation, while flipping fear into actualized ambition and doubt into absolute confidence.
In this episode,
we dive deep into Ruby’s story before she became the fearless and dynamic leader you know of today. 
We learn about her past experiences growing up in an eastern culture where women were not allowed to express themselves and how the impact of that situation led her to be connected to her voice and learn how to speak her truth.
Ruby also shares the process of an honest healing journey and what that looks like.
  • The freedom that comes from searching deeper within
  • How you can use her CPR process to breakthrough fear
  • How to use your voice to truly make an impact and serve others
I hope you enjoy tuning into this honest conversation. 
Connect with Ruby:
Jul 21, 2018

Ever get into a disagreement with someone and said,

"You make me feel XYZ ..?"

This episode is for you if you want to learn to understand where your emotions are coming from and how to manage them through meditation and a contemplation practice.



Jul 10, 2018

I'm so excited for you to tune into this epic conversation today.

This episode is for you if you are: 

  • A brick and mortar looking to convert into an online space 
  • A struggling online entrepreneur who wants to be more scalable and profitable
  • Someone who has a job that you are not in love with
  • Someone who wants to build an additional income stream 

In this episode, you will meet boss babe Shannan Monson. Shannan is a serial entrepreneur, high-performance coach, social media strategist and the Founder of Nutrition Simply where she teaches women how to build scalable six-figure launches with her signature online programs. We talk about what it's really like to be a female founder and wellness influencer. You'll hear personal stories about Shannan that will inspire you to go back to your roots and use what you grew up with to help you on the entrepreneurial journey. Shannan shares so many tips and insights that will inspire you to demand more from yourself and stop playing small. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Why Instagram is currently the #1 platform to grow and scale your business with 
  • How to Convert Followers into Loyal Customers
  • Why you don't need 100k Followers to make substantial money
  • How you can be successful with less than 500 followers

... and so much more! 

Connect with Shannan:


Jul 4, 2018

Welcome back friends, 

Today's episode is brief but dense with thought-provoking questions that will help you visualize a true life of freedom. 

We talk about:

-the meaning and significance of freedom. 

-old habits and how they prevent you from living the life you desire

Tune in a quick dose of inspiration.